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Have your next siding project make your home more efficient, maintenance free and relevant for generations to come. Focused on performance and aesthetic appeal, S&S Home Enterprise siding contractors improve the desirability of your home while increasing insulation immensely. S&S Contractors use a variety of different Siding material for residential and commercial siding. S&S Contractors helps clients choose the right siding option for each project, offering both vinyl and steel. The warmth of wood meets the strength of steel with contemporary, cool, distinct wood colored steel options to choose from. Siding installed by S&S stands up well to the elements and there’s countless choices to pick from that suit every person's needs.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding grows in popularity due to its durability, versatility and easy maintenance. Products are manufactured primarily with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a material that gives off  impact resistance, rigidity and strength.

Today, vinyl siding is the top choice of siding all over the United States and Canada. More homeowners use vinyl siding over any other siding options. Vinyl siding is available in a wide range of colors, profiles and trim.

Vinyl siding is low maintenance and provides energy efficiency savings. Vinyl siding is rot resistant, holds up well in cold temperatures and the look alone will improve curb appeal and your home's value. Vinyl siding in general is more cost effective than most other siding options.

Fiber Cement Siding (James Hardie)


Fiber cement siding is made of a mixture of cement, sand and cellulose fiber, which is mixed together to create a strong, durable siding product.

Fiber cement siding has been growing in popularity recently, due to its appearance and durability. Fiber cement siding has the look of real wood, without the maintenance of wood house siding.It is strong, fire retardant and bug proof. Fiber cement siding is resistant to water, hail and UV rays. It will never rot, is resistant to insect damage and it won't fade.

Fiber cement siding is low maintenance, requiring no staining or sealing, which will save you lots of time and money. Generally, fiber cement siding will cost more than vinyl siding and is comparable in price to cedar shake siding.

Cedar Shake Siding

Cedar siding gives a natural rustic look. It has a beautiful textured grain, combined with light brown and dark brown colors. Cedar siding normally remains subtly aromatic, and the appealing scent of cedar adds another benefit to the popular wood.

Cedar siding also contains natural oils that protect the wood from rot, decay, and bug. Cedar siding is also a stable type of wood that never buckles or curls. When maintained, cedar siding will last for years and will age with grace.

Aside from the natural look and beauty it gives off, cedar siding also provides some financial perks as well. The cedar siding wood's cellular structure creates interior air pockets that give an insulation value higher than most other woods and much higher than any brick or concrete. Homes or buildings with cedar siding tend to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Cedar siding even has excellent sound suppression and absorption qualities. Cedar siding will pay for itself with added curb appeal and durability. Although cedar siding is initially a more costly investment than most other options such as fiber cement siding, Cedar siding will also far more value to your home than any other choices.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding has been a popular choice of siding for more than sixty years and remains one of the most efficient and cost effective choices for siding. Few other kinds of siding can match the price and low maintenance as well as the effectiveness of aluminum siding.

Because of its a metal, aluminum siding is one of the longest lasting types of siding one could use on their home. This makes it extremely durable and cost effective.

One of the many reasons that aluminum siding is used in lieu of other  siding is that aluminum siding is weather resistant while also being corrosion proof. Unlike other siding materials such as wood, brick, or stucco, aluminum siding is not going to rust, rot or just plain fall apart, thus being a siding option that is beautiful, low maintenance and long lasting.

Aluminum siding can be painted again and again which makes aluminum siding a great option for those who have a hard time making color decisions as well. Aluminum siding comes in different finishes. There are different levels of insulation with aluminum siding. Using aluminum siding with a high degree of insulation will lower energy costs that are seen once the siding is installed. Insulation can either be installed behind the aluminum siding or the aluminum siding can purchased that has insulation built into it.

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