Replacing your roof

There are many reasons behind requiring a full or partial roof replacement and when looking for the best roofing company in the area to give you this service, choosing S&S will bring you the high quality roofing at an affordable cost. We have been top roofing company in Kenosha for years and we bring you the full weight of our roofing experience when it comes to any roofing service you need of for your residential or commercial building. 

Changing your Finish

If you’ve moved into a property and aren’t a fan of the current roof, or your roof is showing signs of age, making the choice to replace only the finishing material can be the option you need. Whether switching from shingle to metal roofing, metal to wood or otherwise, you bet that the vast roofing experience that our expert roofing contractors bring to any roofing type available. We give you the variety of options you need to have the perfect roof and  still remain the affordable roofing in Kenosha you depend on. 

Aged Out

Roofs have a lifespan of roughly 25 years and whether you’re looking for an inspection or you know that your roof needs replacing, you can count on the top roofing company in Kenosha to fulfill your roofing needs. We know that this is a big move for you to make and that you count on quality results for the investment you’re making which is why we provide you with affordable roofing company in Kenosha you can rely on for results. That is an S&S promise. 

Damaged Roofs

Damages to a roof can be justification for a full replacement. Trees falling onto your roof during a nasty storm can also leave structural damages beyond repair and have you searching for an affordable replacement.  Calling the top roofing company in Kenosha will ensure that you can take a the stress off your shoulders as we give you a full replacement in any style you want all the while maintaining our dedication to cost effectivness. 

Quality Roofing Service

When turning to our roofing pros as one of the top roof repair companies in Kenosha, or you need a full replacement for your residential or commercial property, you can count on getting the highest level of quality in the work we do. At S&S Home Enterprise, we take pride our work we and we understand that you have to live with the results years to come, that means that we always carry ourselves as the top roofing company in the Kenosha and bring you every extra service needed to make good on that.