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‚ÄčIf you find yourself in need of a roof for a building construction or repairs, knowing you can get in touch with the professional service you need without interruption is key. When you make the call to S&S Home Enterprise for your roofing needs, you can depend on having access to professionals prepared  with the information and details you require when it comes to roofing you property. We won't give you a runaround with answering services or have you run through an electronic operator, we instead give you the direct contact you need to get your roofing services moving. 

The information we give to Kenosha maintains our dedication to access and simplicity, bringing you the details on our services from residential to commercial roofing. We do without advertising, there is no information tracking, you will not end up on our email list, instead you have unfiltered access to accurate details and the means to find service with quickly. We are dedicated to bringing a reliable roofing company to Kenosha and that begins the second we pick up the phone. When you need a roofing company you can count on without having to deal with any interruptions, you can count on the pros at S&S Home Enterprise.


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Getting in touch with the top rated roofing company in Kenosha, Antioch, and other areas of southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois is as easy a phone call or filling the contact sections on this page. You will be in contact with Kenosha's best roofing contractors who will bring you years of experience knowledge to provide you with the results you are seeking. 

S&S Home Enterprise

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We are dedicated to being the top roofing company in Kenosha, Antioch, and other areas in southern Wisconsin, and northern Illinois.

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