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S&S has always been one of the top roofing companies in the area, capable of handling anything you require. Whether you have a new home that needs shingling or your find yourself in the market for a roof repair, making the choice to pick up the phone and calling S&S Home Enterprise, the top name in Kenosha roofing will bring you the fast roofing services you need at competitive prices. Choose the roofer Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Antioch, and other parts of southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois have trusted for years and see what significance a quality roofing company can have.  

Roof repair and beyond!

Wind damaged shingles requiring a roof repair.

From minor to severe damages, knowing that you have the top rated roofing and roof repair company at hand ready and willing to provide you the results you deserve is important. We offer you affordable roofing in Kenosha that you can rely on when you need it the most. We bringing you fast customer service, scheduling and turn around time. When looking for the top choice in Kenosha roof repair companies, you can always count on the experience and capability of S&S the "trusted" roofing contractor.

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We strive to keep our name as the top rated roofing company in Kenosha. Saving you both time and money by combining our long experience as a roofing contractor, the highest quality roofing equipment, and our dedication to delivering exceptional solutions. You will soon understand why S&S is among the most talked about roofing companies in all of Kenosha and the rest of southern Wisconsin. We are roofing done right!

Roofing Services

Residential Roofing


From installation to repair and more, we are the Kenosha roofing everyone is talking about and turns to when it comes to the dependability you need for you house. Whether you have an old roof that needs to be replaced or you just want a new one, we bring you the options needed for a unique result that will have a roof in place quickly. 

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Storm Damage Repair


After a storm you must asses any level of damage that has been done to your roof. Whether it be material damages, structural or impact damage, choosing the experience roofing contractors of S&S will give you the quick roofing you need . We are always bringing you the services you require to ensure that you get the dependability you'd  expect from a top rated roofing company!

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Roof Repairs


 Having any kind of damage to your roof is something that needs to be tended to quickly in order to ensure that further complications do not surface. Making the choice to reach out to the top roofing company in the area will provide you with quick results that will have your roof back in it's proper condition in no time and give you the security you look to your roof for. All it takes is a phone call to S&S Home Enterprise. Your TRUSTED local roofing contractor. 

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Commercial Roofing


When you look for a roofing contractor you can count on, S&S  is the roofing company you can count on. We deliver a variety of maintenance and repair options that you can look to even when time is a factor. We work with you to give you results that will minimize negative impact on your business and ensure that roofing will have your business ready to go in no time.

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Replacing your roof


Your roof has an expiration date the same as anything else on your house and when looking to have your roof re-done, calling the top rated roofing contractor in Kenosha will ensure that you get prime results. S&S brings options as well as being the most affordable roofing company in the area. Whatever your replacement needs, our experienced roofing contractors can oblige.

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Metal Roofing


Metal roofs bring you the highest level of durability and longevity. Making sure that you’re getting the best roofing company in the area to bring you results you can count on for a long time is of the utmost importance. With S&S at your side, you will have access you to a range of metal roofing choices and the means to have a unique and distinct roof brought to your commercial or residential property.  

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Siding and Gutters



 S&S Home Enterprise is the TOP choice for Siding installation in Kenosha, Antioch and other areas of Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Nowhere else will you find siding contractors with the skills and knowledge necessary to accomplish the job exactly to your specifications. whether you're looking for vinyl siding, aluminum siding, cedar shake siding, or Cement siding, S&S is the siding contractor you need for all you siding projects. We are your local TRUSTED siding company. 

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Make sure your roof and your foundation are protected from water damage. S&S uses seamless gutters custom fit to your home and style. Unlike jointed, which have a greater leak potential, our seamless gutters run from end to end. Seamless gutters are custom built for your home's dimensions. This provides best water protection as well as a better aesthetics. Seamless gutters also last longer and hold up better than other gutters. When it comes to gutter installation S&S has you covered

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